About us

The Firm

At AIM Insurance Services, we offer a personalised service to insurers who understand and appreciate the benefit and need to give their policy holders a better claims experience.

We recognise the needs of the insurer and insured and by providing the best service and solutions, we ensure minimal claim spend and the optimal chance of having policy holders renew each year.

A mature and qualified approach combined with efficiency and flexibility serves to authenticate the value of having a loss adjuster manage each claim.

We appreciate the importance of the broker/insurer/insured relationship and through constant and open communications, ensure clarity of the status of a claim to all parties.

Our Aim

Our aim is to add value to everything we do for our clients.

We strive to maintain if not improve the relationship between insurer and insured (& broker).We recognise the importance of maintaining full transparency in everything we do.

We tailor rate schedules to suit specific needs and remain competitive so our clients can identify and appreciate the value in using our services.
Australia AIM Insurance Services

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