We understand that insurance claims can be quite daunting. Even if you have had a claim before, every case is different and it may be confusing as to who does what and how it all works.

The following sections should answer most questions however if you are unsure, please feel free to call your loss adjuster or insurer for clarification

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1. Who are we?

We are a team of insurance loss adjusters who are engaged by your insurer to take care of your insurance claim. We do not work directly for your insurer, but have been engaged by them to act on their behalf.

2. Who else is involved?

The loss adjuster will become your main point of contact throughout your claim and will be involved until it is complete. The loss adjuster may involve other people such as builders, specialists or suppliers but will discuss this with you beforehand. You can of course contact your insurer at any time if you need to.

3. Who is the team?

A team of qualified loss adjusters and a licensed builder/building inspector all of whom have police clearance certificates.

4. What do we do?

A loss adjuster will come to your property, meet with you, look at the loss or damage and report back to your insurer about what has happened. They will then review your insurance policy to establish what parts of your claim will be covered.

5. What about emergencies?

Your loss adjuster can arrange emergency actions if required such as:
  • Getting you into alternative accommodation
  • Getting you an emergency payment
  • Organising a builder to make your property safe or secure until full repairs can be started
  • Provide advice on any aspect of your claim

6. What happens next?

For building damage claims, the loss adjuster can organize builders to come to your home to review the damage and provide a quote to repair. This will normally be based on an agreed scope of works. Alternatively, you can organize your own builders to provide a quote on an agreed scope of works however the insurer may still want to verify that value. For contents damage or loss, the loss adjuster can arrange replacement quotes through the insurer’s network of suppliers. Again, you can provide your own quotes however your insurer may want to verify values.

7. What happens after you/we have received quotes?

Depending on the value, the loss adjuster can usually authorize the repairs to the builder on behalf of your insurer but will speak to you about this first. The builder will then contact you directly to collect any excess (if required) and provide you with a copy of the scope of works (what works they will be doing). If you have decided to have your own builders carry out repairs, the loss adjuster will usually send you a release letter to sign. Once you return it, the loss adjuster requests your insurer pays you the agreed value (less any excess) and you can then engage your builder directly. For contents, the loss adjuster can authorize replacement through the insurer’s supplier. Again, the supplier will contact you to arrange this. Under certain circumstances, the adjuster may arrange/request your insurer makes a payment to you instead of replacing items.

8. How often do we get an update?

Depending on the insurer, the loss adjuster will usually be in contact with you every 10 to 12 working days days to ensure things are progressing. You can of course contact the loss adjuster or insurer at any time in the meantime. The loss adjuster will usually send an update to your insurer at the same time.

9. What happens at the end of the claim?

The loss adjuster will contact you once all is finalized to make sure there is nothing outstanding.

10. What about specialists?

The loss adjuster has access to certain specialists who may be required to progress your claim. These include building inspectors, leak locators and engineers. If a specialist is required, the loss adjuster will require permission from your insurer before engaging them as they will be paying for this service.

11. More information?

You can contact your insurer or loss adjuster at any time. For more information on Loss Adjusters, you can visit the Australasian Institute of Chartered Loss Adjusters’ website at www.aicla.org

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